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Growing a Farmer

"I gotta plow my field today, mama," my son replied when I asked what he wanted to do today. Then, he whizzed off on his toy tractor,...

Pulling My Weeds

I watched a video on talking to kids about racism, which so plainly called it what it is: a manifestation of sin. Like all sins that...

Believing in Tomorrow

To plant is to believe in tomorrow. For farmers, that quote is definitely true for us. As we finish planting, we have hope in our growing...

Breakfast for Mom

This morning while I'm cooking breakfast, I‘m having strong coffee in honor of the strong women who came before me.

Blackberry Poptarts

Flaky pie crust. Homemade filling with blackberries from our garden. Sprinkles. What's not to love about these homemade poptarts!

More Than One Way

There is no universally perfect method for growing food. Instead different layers to our food system, addressing different needs and values.

Prepare to Farm

It‘s easy to put a lot of focus on planting and harvest season. But, so much of the work is in the off season to plan and prepare.

Parsley Pesto

In our garden, we have a true potager: a kitchen garden that is right off the house and laid out partially for beauty, not just function....

The Prairie View Potager

In this space, our family has found our stride. We've discovered new hobbies, simple joys, and the room to let ourselves take a breath.

A Farming Family

As a farming family, we are proud to contribute food and fiber to the global agriculture chain - while tending our land as best as we can.

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