Expanding to the Homestead

Bryce and I have had a small patio garden since we have been married. In fact when we got back from our honeymoon in mid August, I ran to Home Depot and bought several discounted plants and was rewarded with a small harvest in just a week.

The years following I have always had a small garden of herbs, tomatoes, squashes, and peppers. It was about all we could manage with busy lives and small children. Not to mention my oldest son's strong inclination to pull weeds.The kid has a vendetta against them. Sometimes he gets a bit confused and pulls up the entire garden. He is ambitious.

But I longed for fresh black-eyed peas, green beans, melons, radishes, and all of the rewards produced after hard work in the dirt. My parents and sister were kind enough to share their own vegetables, and I jumped opportunities to buy at farmer's markets and highway side venders.

Long story short, in February I had a massive desire to get a garden going in the spring. Bryce and I both felt like the boys would only continue to become more self sufficient and because of a certain pandemic, we probably would not be taking any long vacations. We had two options; dig out sod in our backyard, or use raised beds at the Eastern farm homestead about 25 minutes from our house. I took the latter option. We decided it would be great to take the boys out to the farm everyday, eat a packed picnic lunch with Bryce, and nap on the way back. That hasn't worked out perfectly, but darn near close.

We have already had amazing experiences and learning moments that will continue through the fall! I am eager to show everyone our progress and (hopefully) get to share our harvest with others.

If you are even thinking about buying a single tomato plant, I encourage you to jump on it! Growing something to eat connects you to the labor and love all farmers and ranchers put into their own crops and animals (a subject everyone a part of this blog is highly passionate about).

Then perhaps, take a step back and ponder how much food it takes to feed the world.

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