Putting Our Seeds in the Ground

Currently, the Howards are strung out all over the place. It’s the beginning of our planting season and that means we are in a taxing time. Meals are eaten late or skipped all together, sleep is cut down, and everyone (and I mean everyone) is covered in dirt.

Bryce is part of a 4th generation family farm, which we are both incredibly proud to be apart of, along with his extended family. When Bryce’s dad asked if he wanted to come back to farm, he looked to the future and wanted the same life he had growing up to be available for his own children.

This is his 7th season of farming. With every passing year, we learn that each season will be a little different, with its own unique set of problems that are always, always, always - completely unpredictable. We are slowly learning why some farmers stare off into the distance and mumble. That being said, he is in love with his job. Bryce is an amazing communicator with employees, gifted with technology, and will do what it takes to make our crop the best it can be. He is also a dedicated father, son, husband, and friend. Whenever you need Bryce, he will be there.

My farming roots also run deep. My earliest memories are playing in the row irrigation, getting covered in mud, while my dad and mom changed pipe to water a different section of the crop. I always knew I wanted to follow their example and be a part of agriculture. It kind of encompasses everything I love: family, the outdoors, watching life grow, and feeding people, which is my deepest passion.

I adore making homemade nutritious food for my family. Which led to my love for gardening! Bringing in vegetables and fruit I grew brings a whole new level of pride to my kitchen. I also love knowing and having a personal relationship to my meat. Whether it be through hunting, fishing, or raising my own, I personally feel like if I am going to consume a life, I should have a hand in taking it.

Bryce and I met through mutual family friends (our first, brief meeting was at Kalley’s grandmother’s funeral. But Bryce hates that story, so we aren’t going to talk about that.) We went on a date and in a quick and wonderful 8 months, we were married, settled into the farm, and ready to experience our first harvest season together. We were in heaven.


Well, to cut to the chase - in perfect Kalley and Bryce fashion, we also started a family that season.

We welcomed our first son into the world in July of 2015 - and John Henry Howard made life so much richer and deeper. Seeing our dream realized of raising our child on the farm absolutely made our already full cups runneth over.

Then we thought, “One was good, two is better.” So - in February of 2017, we welcomed William Dane Howard to the family.

Watching two brothers learn and grow together on a farm is an experience that we can’t believe we are blessed enough to do. Each member of our family has a job to do, while we each support each other. Some times our machine is well oiled and runs on all cylinders. But, most of the time we are more like a lemon vehicle that needs a new transmission and is out of gas but keeps rolling down hill anyway.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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